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Tel. No(s).: (042) 710-3804; (042) 660-2416
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Back in 1967, Barangay Cotta was considered as one of the poorest of the poor barangays in the City of Lucena.  Poverty therein was characterized by poor condition of roads, rationing of water supply and predominance of native huts.  Its male labor force worked as crew in fishing and commercial vessels going to and from Marinduque, Mindoro and Romblon, as stevedores transporting the loads of the passengers and as labor in copra factory. Majority of women did not have job except for a few who do the laundry in the well-to-do families in the city, sell foodstuffs in the pier and produce some native products.  However, there were also some rich families in the area who were known to provide help to the poor and the parish.

It was during those times when a group led by the then parish priest of St. Jude Thaddeus Shrine in the person of Fr. Carlos Isles together with 14 others, thought of addressing the concerns in their parish by way of establishing a cooperative aimed at teaching the dwellers to save and to help each other.  So on April 5, 1967, St. Jude Community Credit Cooperative Inc. was established with a meager  P 673.00 as initial capitalization. 

The Founding Members

The first five-years of operation did not do well for the cooperative amidst the lack of know-how among its leaders, unawareness of members of their responsibilities while less savings came in due to lack of trust and confidence.  Not until another priest, the late Bishop Ruben T. Profugo, was able to attend a comprehensive Cooperative Leadership Course in Cagayan de Oro in 1972 that the coop was later geared towards good governance anchored on aggressive information campaign, Pre-Membership Education Seminar, regular meeting of leaders, own-office and a full-times staff.  These infusions came as a much-needed boost to further the operations of the cooperative so that the coop was registered as full-pledged coop that transformed them into St. Jude Community Credit and Development Cooperative Inc.  SJCCDCI was recognized in 1982 by Quezon Federation and Union of Cooperatives (QFUCI) as “Millionaire Coop.”  In 1993, the cooperative amended its Articles of Cooperation and By-laws to change its name from St. Jude Community Credit Development Cooperative, Inc. into ST. JUDE MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE.  From then on additional services were established for the benefit  of its members.


Main Services

SJMPC prides itself with the following services, namely:


  1. CREDIT SERVICES, members can avail of Regular Loans; either in providential or productive purposes. Special Loans are being offered to qualified members such as:  Educational, Himlayan, Emergency, Coop Easy Loan and others. Micro-Finance program started in year 2003 through its Coop Livelihood Development Program. Its main objective was similar from the previous program of the Cooperative; the Coop Dagdag Puhunan Program in late 1980’s which provide financial and technical assistance by helping and strengthening small scale business.  In year 2005 the cooperative introduced the Village Lending Unit with its mission of participating in the poverty reduction and uplifting the social economic life of the needy in the community. 
  2. CONSUMER SERVICES was established on November 21, 1993 wherein it offers economical consumer products to members, and for a minimum purchase of P500, we give FREE delivery every Friday.  Members can also avail of Coop Grocery Loan payable within one month without interest.

a)     St. Jude MemorialService funeral homeswas established in the late 1990’s.  Thebuilding which is owned by the cooperative was inaugurated in September of2002. It is open for 24 hours, and offers affordable packages with qualityservice. Proof of the motto “The service that cares” is to help the needy;SJMPC is accepting burial assistance endorsed by the City Mayor and BarangayChairman to the indigent members of the community.   Also, this Cooperative Service which“promotes life in the midst of death” set a trademark in the funeral businesswithin the city of Lucena.  Nowadays, itsFuneral services and packages are being copied by other funeral parlors.  This competition help in uplifting the imageof funeral industry and helps in the economic development in the community ofLucena City and nearby towns. In January 2010 SJMS Unisan, Quezon branch wasopened for business.  Its main objectiveis to reach and help people in that area at the same time recruit them to availthe many benefits offered to cooperative members. 

b)     Crematorium on Jan. 30, 2009the cooperative launched an additional memorial services offered to members,the crematorium.  Being the first in thearea SJMPC make sure that it provides and guarantees the best. Aside from the affordablecost and fastest cremation cycle the cooperative ensures the safest andenvironmentally sound cremation. Its chapel is air-condition, has an elegantlobby which serves as waiting area, cleancomfort room and provides audio and video facilities while waiting for one anda half hour of cremation process. Other amenities such as; unlimited internetuse through WIFI access is also available to give convenience to the bereavedfamily.

c)       Columbarium was constructed January of 2010,located at the 3rd floor of SJMS building 2, has memorial amenitiesthat would give peace and serenity to the bereaved family.  It is air-conditioned with chapel andspacious facade that is conducive for prayers and lessens the grief of themourners.


       HealthServices, on August of 2005, SJMPC ventured into this kind of service whichoffers lower cost of Check-up because the accredited doctors are members of thecooperative, and reasonable price for various laboratory tests to members andnon-members.

       CoopCare & Coop Micro-insurance (Care-MBA)

       CoopHospitalization Assistance

       CoopDamayan Program

       CoopDamay Kapatid Program (CDKP)

       KoopKaloob sa Kasapi Program (KKKP)

       LifeMemorial Savings Program

       Pensionfor Senior Citizen Members


       Medicaland Dental Mission

       Health& Nutrition




       MassBaptism & Wedding



       Cleanand green program



Membership Status as of December 31, 2011

As of December 2011

As of December 2012

As of December 2013




Financial Status
Data for the past 3-year period

  As of Dec. 31, 2013 As of Dec. 31, 2012 As of Dec. 31, 2011

Net Surplus

12,581,851.72 10,538,322.57 11,924,955.66

Total Assets

393,715,849.73 368,340,225.18

Paid up Capital



Partnership with other institutions

1.  CARE-MBA – Cooperative Alliance for Responsive Endeavor Mutual Benefit Association Inc.
was established on April 1, 2009.  It is founded by 10 cooperatives in Quezon Province and one of those is SJMPC. This organization offers micro-insurance for cooperative members like basic life and credit life.  Since in-house insurances are prohibited for cooperatives, SJMPC transfers its Death Assistance Benefit Program and Loan Redemption program to CARE-MBA in year 2010.
2.  SM Lucena
– Partnership with this institution started in year 2007.  SM Lucena offers the installment discount card project to members of SJMPC.  The qualified member-cardholder has a credit limit of P3, 000 (minimum) or P10, 000 (maximum). Purchases made is payable within 2 months no interest.  This partnership promotes and encourages additional membership to the cooperative


                In recognition of its achievements, SJMPC received various awards from different award giving bodies who believe in its competence like:

       2002 Regional Winner Land Bank of the Philippines Gawad PITAK Award

   2002 1st Place winner CDA Search for Most Outstanding Cooperative in Southern Tagalog Non-Agricultural Category Regional Level

       2003 Regional Awardee and National Finalist GawadGeny Lopez Jr., Bayaning Pilipino Institution Category Reg. IV-A

       2003 & 2006 Coop LGU Partnership Awards Outstanding Cooperative City partnership

       2004 and 2005 First Place Winner Land Bank of thePhil. Gawad sa Pinakatanging Kooperatiba, Class A, Non-Agricultural Category

     2006 Hall of Fame Award Land Bank of the Phil. Gawad sa Pinakatanging Kooperatiba , Class A, Non-Agricultural Category.

       2007 LBP Most Outstanding Key Cooperative

       2007 LBP Ginintuang Gawad sa Pinakatanging Kooperatiba Class A Non-Agri Category

       2011 First Place Winner Lucena City Cooperative Development Council Vegetable Gardening Contest

       2012 Awards of Recognition Adopt a School given by DED-ED Region IV-A

       2012 Regional Winner CDA Gawad Parangal Large Category

       2013 Regional Winner and National Finalist DOLE Productivity Olympics

       2014 Special Citation - Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan 2014


To date, the area of operation was even expanded to cover the entire Southern Luzon including National Capital Region. St. Jude Multi-Purpose Cooperative have 4 satellite offices located in different parts of Quezon Province; Pagbilao, Candelaria, Unisan, Catanauan and 1 in the Province of Laguna; Sta. Cruz and San Pablo City.  The coop through the efforts of its leaders’ active in alliances and federations became known not only in the region but also in other parts of the country and even abroad.

Key to Success
Similar to other successful cooperatives in the Philippines SJMPC’s success factors are base on the following:
□  Committed,  dedicated and honest Officers & Staff
□  Financial stability through self-reliance
□  Members support and patronage to its programs and services
□  Transparency
□  Adherence to coop principles
St. Jude Multi-Purpose Cooperative is still on its drawing board, and with the help of honest and dedicated partners like LGU’s and NGO’s it will not stop  until  it  realize  its  vision; “a cooperative working towards the attainment of total human development”.

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